When you’re walking by and see this:

… you can’t just look away and pretend nothing happened. It might be the vibrant red that hits you in the face or the bold letters or the… I’m not sure… But one thing is certain: screaming the word “porn”, in a public space, is the opposite of ordinary. It’s one of those topics you usually talk about in a hushed voice, with no one else around. None the less, it has managed to lurk into the lives of millions of people and it’s ravaging us all.

Yeah, you heard me right: us all! See, porn is like a virus or a drug: once it’s in, it doesn’t want to leave. And it kills. Yes, it kills! First, it attacks your brain. Then, it starts corroding your heart. And finally, it wreaks havoc to the world.

See, when a boy, a girl, a man or a woman (anybody, really!) are looking at that screen, they don’t notice that their brain is being hijacked. Dopamine –that chemical in your brain that makes you feel happy and satisfied as a reward for a victory obtained– is rushing through their brain in abnormal quantities. This excess can’t be controlled by the brain. It’s too much to handle, so it breaks. This is when the addiction starts, just as with tobacco, alcohol or any other drug. To make it even worse, the frontal lobe (used for abstract thinking, motivation, attention to tasks and inhibition of impulsive responses) starts to shrink. That means the body is always asking for more, while the means to stopping this dependency are constantly diminishing.

Once the coup has a hold on the Head of State, the rest is a bunch of dominoes toppling over. One starts losing interest in things that were fascinating before; there is constant dispersion, a difficulty to concentrate and even the most extroverted person starts closing in on himself. Friends don’t matter as much anymore; family feels like a burden; the spouse, if there is one, stops being “the significant other that makes my life full”. And there’s a constant voice inside this person’s head, playing on repeat: “If anyone knew what I’ve done, they’d hate me and think I’m worse than scum.” Noticed how the heart fell in battle too?

Now imagine that this depressing state of mind and soul isn’t just one person… it’s thousands, millions, thousands of millions. All these people are losing the sparkle that lit their faces with happiness. That would be a pretty sad world, if you think about it… But it doesn’t stop there. More than 50% of porn scenes show violence in them… and, worst of all, people respond to it with no reaction at all or even with pleasure. Puff! Mind-blowing… in a devastating way…! No wonder levels of violence keep escalating around the world. This virus hits everybody, even if you’re not in contact with the original source. One rotten apple makes the whole basket go to waste. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s good to remember that porn is also directly related to human sexual trafficking… I mean, just if all the above wasn’t bad enough…

We’ve gone down a rough road right now, a road many would prefer to keep silent. But that’s the worst thing we can do. If it continues to go undetected, it will continue to infiltrate our ranks. The best course of action is to put porn on the spotlight. Let’s raise the voice, let’s spread the word, let’s make people know who’s the enemy and what we can do to fight it back. Because we can fight! It’s never too late to counterstrike… the sooner we make a move, the better.

This is what I learned a couple days ago when I met Clay Olsen, CEO and founder of Fight the New Drug. This group of courageous people have been raising their voices for eight years now. They are spreading the word in hundreds of schools in different countries. They’ve helped thousands of kids and grownups dealing with this cancer. They are doing great… but it’s still not enough. And it won’t be untill we eradicate it for good. They’ve already mustered up an amazing army… but they still need more voices, your voice… we need it, the world needs it! Come on, join the fight! It can be with them or with whomever you want: the only thing that matters is that you choose the right side. Because there is only one right side, the side ruled by love… And that is why I chose to fight for Love! And you? Which side do you fight for?


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